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Resilience indicators as an aid to national security personnel vetting

The national security environment requires individuals operating in the domain to be honest, trustworthy and loyal. Personnel vetting is a formal process used to determine an individual’s suitability for access to this domain. Notwithstanding this process, significant breaches of trust, security and corruption still occur.

Resilience is a well researched phenomenon in the field of psychology, considered a multidimensional construct where individual attributes, family aspects and social environment all play a role in aiding individuals to deal with some form of adversity or vulnerability. Contemporary approaches to resilience derive from a strengths perspective where information sought from the individual, results in an increase in options for interventions and solutions.

secau researchers in collaboration with researchers from the Lifespan Resilience Research Group are investigating the use of resilience markers as an aid to national security vetting. The project will develop tools that will aid vetting agencies in proactive intervention and case management.


Dr David Brooks 
Mr Jeff Corkill
Professor Lynne Cohen

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