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Fibre-optic sensor network for real-time water quality monitoring

Our researchers at the Electron Science Research Institute, are developing a fibre-optic salinity-sensor network based on the use of novel in-fibre Fabry-Perot cavity sensors in conjunction with Opto-VLSI multiport sweeping laser source and a low-cost, low-power, multi-functional sensor network for real-time monitoring of water salinity.

The fibre-optic salinity sensor offers selectable sensitivity for water-salinity measurement which can be easily reconfigured by the proposed sensor network for flexible usage in real time monitoring of either permeate stream or brine.

The proposed sensor possesses many desirable characteristics such as low-cost, light-weight, corrosion-free and can easily be incorporated into the permeate tubes of reverse osmosis units for real-time water-quality monitoring of large-scale desalination plants.  

The proposed sensor has potential to simultaneously measure both water salinity and temperature which will be very useful for desalination monitoring.

The fibre-optic sensor network can cover important monitoring parameters in water desalination, such as temperature, pressure and flow-rate.


Dr Linh Nguyen
Professor Kamal Alameh
Dr Mikhail Vasiliev

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