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Multi-laser DVD pickup

Traditional DVD players use a single laser to read DVDs. At the Electron Science Research Institute, our researchers have invented a novel DVD pickup that employs a multi-laser array, operating in parallel, to significantly enhance the speed at which data can be accessed.

Our reserach has been achieved through the integration of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) and Resonant Cavity Enhanced PhotoDiode arrays.

The multi-laser pickup focuses several VCSEL beams onto the DVD surface and detects the reflected VCSEL beams simultaneously, thus enabling the transfer of data 5-10 times faster than existing DVD players.

Currently, the Institute is developing red VCSEL/RCEPD for conventional DVD players, however, in future we aim to develop blue wavelength VCSEL/RCEPD for Blu-ray DVDs.


Dr Hoang Nghia Nguyen
Professor Kamal Alameh

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