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Use and water quality remediation of acidic coal pit lakes by adjacent aquaculture

The aim of this research programme is to examine how a coal mine pit lake could supply feed water and accept waste discharge from a commercial scale aquaculture venture as part of a sustainable post-mining community without significant deterioration in the lake environment, such as water quality. This project intends to answer whether water quality in coal mine pit lakes could even be improved by accepting wastewater from a commercial scale aquaculture venture. Specific objectives of this study will determine:

  • The capacity of a coal mine pit lake to accept aquaculture waste discharges without detrimental impacts to local water quality or wildlife.
  • How improvement of water quality and wildlife values might occur through aquaculture waste discharges remediating key pit lake water quality issues of acidity and insufficient nutrient concentrations.


Dr Clint McCullough
Dr Xanti LarraƱaga
Dr Naresh Radhakrishnan
Associate Professor Mark Lund
Premier Coal Pty Ltd, Mr Digby Short

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