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Contacts & feedback

ECU Library would like to acknowledge the following individuals and groups for their valuable contributions to the continuing development of Pilot: Your information navigator. For more information on how Pilot was developed, or to provide feedback, please refer to our contacts page.

Pilot Mark II Development Team (2005)

As Project Coordinator, I would like to acknowledge the following individuals and groups who played an important role in the redesign of this online tutorial:

QUT Library Pilot Mark II Development Team
For their professional approach and dedication to creating a quality product, and the provision of their collective and individual content, technical and design expertise throughout the production process.


  • Kurt Vollmerhause (Project Manager): for his comprehensive and highly efficient project management, high-level technical knowledge and his diligent attention to accessibility aspects;
  • Suzanne Sheppard (Project Officer): for bringing a fresh and experienced perspective to recrafting the content and learning resources for the "new" user;
  • Jillian Rowe (Project Officer): for applying her educational expertise and skills to the creation of a more cohesive pedagogical framework for Pilot;
  • Julian Kapitzke (Computing Support Officer): for problem-solving numerous technical issues and ensuring that all aspects of the project's technical and technically-dependent objectives were achievable; and
  • Tim Robinson (Visual Communications Designer): for applying his fresh creative skills and spirit to the design of a new look and feel for Pilot and in the development of more engaging learning activities for students.
QUT Library Pilot Mark II Development Reference Group
For their professional guidance and expertise regarding content-related, technical and user-related issues: Stephanie Bradbury; Kate Harbison; Nicole Healy; Joanna Logan; Nerida Quatermass; Ellen Thompson; and Michael Whiteway.
QUT Library - Systems Group
For releasing core staff to work fulltime on the project, as well as providing additional staffing, financial and technical support for the project beyond the original parameters: special thanks to Sarah Fredline, Systems Manager.

- Judith Peacock (Pilot Mark II Project Coordinator: 2005)

Copyright permissions

For general information, refer to the QUT institutional statement on copyright. Specific copyright permissions were obtained for external content incorporated in this tutorial.

Original service development (1999)

California State University
For their generous permission to use and adapt the conceptual framework, content and source coding of their tutorial on which the original version of PILOT was based.
AccessED - Education Qld (formerly Open Access Unit)
For the incomparable professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm with which they approached Pilot's technical and structural development. QUT Library would like to extend special thanks to the OAU Project team of Jan Richardson (Project Manager), Darryl Lyons, Frances Kerr and Ross Booker (Graphic Artist).
QUT Library Project team
For their invaluable assistance in the management & coordination of the Pilot project: Robyn Tweedale; Alice Steiner; Kim Ranger (visiting librarian, Grand Valley State University, Michigan, USA).
QUT Library - Information Literacy
For the enormous dedication, knowledge and diligent attention they brought to the modification and authorship of the content: Maria Thompson; Jocelyne Poirier; Stephanie Bradbury; Alice Steiner; Robyn Tweedale; Liisa Isokangas; Martin Borchert; Sue Collins; Peter Sondergeld (with the assistance of Andrea Rankin, visiting librarian - UniSA).
QUT Library - Systems
For providing technical support and assistance regarding the QUT and Library networking environments: Sarah Fredline and the Library Systems Group.

- Judith Peacock (Pilot Project Manager: 1999)

Pilot institutional customisations

The following institutions have customised QUT's original version of Pilot: Your information navigator to suit their needs:

  • Australian National University (ACT) - InFlite (ANU authentication required)
  • University of Technology Sydney (NSW) - Catalyst
  • Victoria University of Technology (VIC) - InfoWiz
  • James Cook University (QLD) - VISA
  • Leeds Metropolitan University (UK) - Pilot
  • University of South Australia (UniSA) - InfoGate
  • Education Queensland - EQUiP (professional development tutorial for all Qld teachers) (authentication required)
  • Queen Margaret University College Library (Scotland)
  • University of Windsor (Canada)
  • University of Wollongong (NSW)
  • Southbank Institute (QLD)
  • Brisbane North Institute of TAFE (QLD)

QUT Library welcomes enquires from institutions wishing to customise Pilot for their own purposes. Please address all such requests via email to the QUT Library Information Literacy Coordinator (see Contacts).

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