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This glossary defines selected words, phrases and acronyms used in Pilot: your information navigator. Online dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopaedias, and directories may be found in the ECU Library Catalogue, for example:

English language dictionaries:
Macquarie Dictionary, Oxford English Dictionary

Subject specific encyclopaedias:
Encyclopedia of human nutrition
Encyclopedia of management
Encyclopedia of software engineering
International encyclopedia of the social and behavioral sciences

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A summary of an article or paper, often appearing at the beginning of the paper. An abstract field may also be available in some indexes.
Access account and password
Basic identification for computing at QUT. Your access account is under your student ID number. See Facilities Support Services or the Student Computing Helpdesk about password problems. See Student Computing Guide for information.
Precision, exactness
Often published on an annual basis, an almanac contains facts of a miscellaneous nature and quite often includes statistical information. Plural: almanacs.
Either of these possibilities.
To furnish (a literary work) with critical commentary or explanatory notes; gloss. The act of adding notes (annotations).
A serial published yearly; a yearbook
Writing on a specific topic or subject found in a journal, magazine, or newspaper.
A book or bound collection of maps.
Audiovisual materials
Non-book materials, such as audio-cassettes, records, slides,video recordings,computer programs and films.
Audiovisual Services
The section in the Library building that deals with the audiovisual materials. Here you may borrow cameras, video machines, video cameras, typewriters and calculators. Some of these items may require a lecturer's approval for borrowing.
The writer of a book, article, or other text.
AV Services
See: Multimedia Resources Services