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This glossary defines selected words, phrases and acronyms used in Pilot: your information navigator. Online dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopaedias, and directories may be found in the ECU Library's Catalogue, for example:

English language dictionaries:
Macquarie Dictionary, Oxford English Dictionary

Subject specific encyclopaedias:
Encyclopedia of human nutrition
Encyclopedia of management
Encyclopedia of software engineering
International encyclopedia of the social and behavioral sciences

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A record is a group of fields that contain specific data describing the indexed entry of a piece of written work such as a journal article or conference paper.
When an article or other item is given to an appointed person for review, especially for a settlement, decision, or an opinion as to its quality, it is said to have been refereed.
A reference is a description of a work by another author that has been quoted or paraphrased by the citing author; a reference usually appears at the end of a work and is linked to a citation in text.
Reference collection
The Reference Collection holds specialised publications which are usually consulted for brief facts or as an entry point to other literature. This collection typically holds dictionaries, encyclopaedias, bibliographies, directories, indexes and abstracts, atlases etc. This collection is not for loan and has the prefix 'R' on the spine labels.
Reserve Collection
Material that is in constant, heavy demand. Loans are limited from one to two hours. Reserve material can be found through the Library Catalogue, Reserve option. E-Reserve items include articles, book chapters, etc. available electronically.