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1.7.8 Web pages

Determine your information  needs
1.1 Define your topic
1.2 Increase familiarity with your topic
1.3 Map your ideas
1.4 Types of assignment
1.5 Amount of information
1.6 Types of sources
1.7 Types of publications
  1.7.1 Reference material
  1.7.2 Books
  1.7.3 Journals
  1.7.4 Conference proceedings
  1.7.5 Legislation
  1.7.6 Standards
  1.7.7 Audiovisual material
* 1.7.8 Web pages
- - - - -

A Web page is an electronic document available via the Internet. A group of related, interlinked pages is called a Web site. While some Web resources are available free of charge, some are subject to a fee.

The library subscribes to a number of electronic resources on your behalf. Accessing these will be discussed in 2.4.2 Databases. When using freely available information from the Internet you need to evaluate whether the information is reputable. This process is outlined in 3.3 Evalute your resources.

Use Web pages to:

  • find government information
  • find technical information (such as software documentation and help manuals)
  • find images and multimedia
  • find statistics.




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