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L 6 5 4 3 2 1 The OR operator

Identify and obtain  information
2.1 Define your search terms
2.2 An example search strategy
2.3 Search strategies
  2.3.1 Keyword or subject searching?
2.3.2 Boolean operators
    AND operator
    * OR operator
  NOT operator
  2.3.3 Mathematical operators
  2.3.4 Nesting
  2.3.5 Phrase searching
  2.3.6 Truncation and wildcards
  2.3.7 Prepare a search strategy
2.4 Select an appropriate tool
2.5 Keep up to date
- - - - -

The OR operator finds items which include either terms.

Use OR to combine words with similar meaning (synonyms) and other alternative search terms. The OR operator is useful if you need to find more information on your topic.

For example: (gamble or bet) finds records containing one or both terms.

Image of two dark circles, labelled "G" and "B", one overlapping and slightly obscuring the other. This represents search results containing gamble, bet, or both terms.

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