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2.3.4 Nesting

Identify and obtain  information
2.1 Define your search terms
2.2 An example search strategy
2.3 Search strategies
  2.3.1 Keyword or subject searching?
  2.3.2 Boolean operators
  2.3.3 Mathematical operators
  * 2.3.4 Nesting
  2.3.5 Phrase searching
  2.3.6 Truncation and wildcards
2.3.7 Prepare a search strategy
2.4 Select an appropriate tool
2.5 Keep up to date
- - - - -

Nesting search terms within brackets (parentheses) is a way of controlling the logic of the search.

Like a mathematical equation, a search statement is performed left to right.

If brackets are used, the parts of the search contained within the parentheses are performed first.

For example: ethics and (gamble or bet) will return different results from ethics and gamble or bet.



 Test your understanding of nesting

An interactive Venn diagram of three slightly overlapping dark circles labelled "ethics", "bet", and "gamble". Their common area (the correct response) is defined by the intersecting portions of "ethics and gamble" and "ethics and bet".

You can also try another nesting example that provides less relevant results.

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