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2.3.5 Phrase searching

Identify and obtain  information
2.1 Define your search terms
2.2 An example search strategy
2.3 Search strategies
  2.3.1 Keyword or subject searching?
  2.3.2 Boolean operators
  2.3.3 Mathematical operators
  2.3.4 Nesting
  * 2.3.5 Phrase searching
  2.3.6 Truncation and wildcards
2.3.7 Prepare a search strategy
2.4 Select an appropriate tool
2.5 Keep up to date
- - - - -

A phrase search looks for a string of words next to each other exactly as keyed (in the same order).

Most search tools allow phrase searching. Usually double quotation marks “ ” are required around the phrase. However, sometimes the search tool will assume a phrase, in which case quotation marks are not required.

For example:

which "ethical theories" should be examined when dealing with gambling

Note: Check the Help screens of the search tool to determine what syntax is required.

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