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2.4.3 Internet

Identify and obtain  information
2.1 Define your search terms
2.2 An example search strategy
2.3 Search strategies
2.4 Select an appropriate tool
  2.4.1 Library catalogues
  2.4.2 Databases
  2.4.3 Internet
    Internet search tools
  Tips for searching the Internet
2.5 Keep up to date
- - - - -

The Internet or World Wide Web (WWW) is a network of computer networks. You can browse, access and retrieve information from any WWW server in a uniform and seamless manner on your own machine.

The program used to access the WWW is known as a browser, e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox

URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) are the addresses used with the WWW.

Image of a URL

The URL format is: resource type://domain name/path/filename

For example:

.edu is an educational organisation is an Australian educational organisation
.gov is a government organisation

Which search tool suits your needs?

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