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3.2.3 Review your search tools

Evaluate your information
3.1 Assess your search results
3.2 Revise your search strategy
  3.2.1 Too many results?
  3.2.2 Not enough results?
* 3.2.3 Review your search tools
3.3 Evaluate your resources
- - - - -

Are you using the most appropriate tool?

For any in-depth research topic, use a variety of search tools to ensure you get the broadest possible coverage of the literature.

Although Library One Search is a good starting point, for some topics, you may also need to search a subject specific database e.g. Informit's Australian databases, specific law databases, FinAnalysis etc.

For more information on which database to choose, check the subject guide for your discipline or Ask a Librarian.

What criteria will you use to evaluate your information?

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