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3.3.2 Validity

Evaluate your information
3.1 Assess your search results
3.2 Revise your search strategy
3.3 Evaluate your resources
  3.3.1 Reliability of the source
  * 3.3.2 Validity
  3.3.3 Accuracy
  3.3.4 Authority of the author
  3.3.5 Timeliness
  3.3.6 Point of view
3.3.7 Evaluate a Web site
- - - - -

What process was used to gather and analyse the information?

Try to assess the validity of the information. i.e. is it based on established principles and fact and/or is consistent with accepted professional and industry standards?

For example: The explanatory notes on page ten of this Australian Bureau of Statistics publication: 8647.0 Gambling Industries, Australia outline possible sampling errors in the data collection methodology.

Are the images authentic?

Be aware that digital images can be easily manipulated. If images are relied upon to make a point, consider whether they are authentic. Verifying authenticity can be tricky.


Activity indicatorIs this image real or fake?

Image of an iceberg.

Kils, U. & Bodo, W. (2006). Iceberg. Retrieved from

a. Real
b. Fake



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