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3.3.6 Point of view

Evaluate your information
3.1 Assess your search results
3.2 Revise your search strategy
3.3 Evaluate your resources
  3.3.1 Reliability of the source
  3.3.2 Validity
  3.3.3 Accuracy
  3.3.4 Authority of the author
  3.3.5 Timeliness
  * 3.3.6 Point of view
3.3.7 Evaluate a Web site
- - - - -

What is the purpose of the information?

Is the information biased - has it been presented in a way to persuade people? Has it been quoted out of context for the purpose of presenting an opinion, or persuading you to buy a commercial product or service?

Has information been intentionally or inadvertently excluded?

Use a range of publications to pick up all perspectives. By demonstrating a depth of research in your work, you show consideration for all aspects of a topic.

If there is contradictory or conflicting information that you have failed to consider, your conclusions may be questioned. You need to demonstrate that you are aware of alternative views and explain why you disagree.

What kind of language is used?

Some sources are written in an objective style using language that is objective and specific. Most academic sources use this style. Use of emotionally charged language or language that is vague and general may be a clue that the information is biased or misrepresents the facts.


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