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5.1.4 Develop your information

Synthesise and communicate  your information
5.1 Synthesise your information
  5.1.1 Sort your information
  5.1.2 Label your information
  5.1.3 Structure your information
* 5.1.4 Develop your information
5.2 Communicate your information
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Developing your information product involves generating new ideas and drawing conclusions based on the information you have read.

Image of a flying pig

For example:

From the following statements:

All pigs are pink.
Pink pigs can fly.

You can draw the logical conclusion that all pigs can fly.

The ability to generate ideas and draw conclusions based on your readings demonstrates that you have understood what you have read, rather than simply integrating the ideas of others.


Activity indicator Draw a logical conclusion from each set of statements below.

Children who like donuts hate vegetables.
All children with blue eyes love vegetables.

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All aerobics instructors are healthy.
Only healthy people can be organ donors.
Your cousin cannot donate organs.

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No tomatoes have seeds unless they are red.
Red tomatoes are fruit.
All fruit loves to salsa.
All tomatoes that love to salsa are tasty.

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