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5.1 Synthesise your information

Synthesise and communicate  your information
5.1 Synthesise your information
  5.1.1 Sort your information
  5.1.2 Label your information
  5.1.3 Structure your information
5.1.4 Develop your information
5.2 Communicate your information
- - - - -

Synthesising is the process of integrating materials you have gathered and then creating your own information product.

There are four steps in the process of synthesising:

  1. Sort
  2. Label
  3. Structure
  4. Develop

The information in this module is considered introductory.

Should you need it, learning and study support is offered by Learning Advisors for your faculty in the areas of:

  • concept mapping
  • planning and time management
  • listening, note taking, and participating
  • effective reading
  • writing and referencing
  • critical thinking
  • exams
  • working in groups.

Resources, online guides and tutorials are available at the Learning and Development website:

Refer to the Learning Support webpage for further information on learning and study support available at ECU for local and international students, on campus, external/online and offshore.

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