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5.2.1 Principles of design

Synthesise and communicate  your information
5.1 Synthesise your information
5.2 Communicate your information
* 5.2.1 Principles of design
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The assignment guidelines as set by your lecturer will usually indicate what is required. It is also helpful to be aware of general design principles. Refer to the ECU Academic Tip Sheets for more information.

Factors to consider when presenting a written assignment include:

  • cover sheet
  • line spacing
  • margins
  • page numbers
  • font size.

General principles of design


Colours, style, format, and layout are elements that can be repeated to keep a consistent look and feel.

Balance can be created using alignment and symmetry. You can align elements on the left side, the right side, or centred. Generally, it is safer to choose one alignment and use it on the entire page.


Structure is important in an academic essay to ensure that your argument flows logically and you have covered all aspects of the topic.

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