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6.1.1 Tracking of your Internet use

Use your information  appropriately
6.1 Privacy and security
  * 6.1.1 Tracking of your Internet use
6.1.2 Username and password security
6.2 Censorship and freedom of speech
6.3 Netiquette
6.4 Intellectual property
6.5 Plagiarism
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When you visit some Web sites, the Web server sends a small piece of information, called a cookie, to your Web browser so it can remember who you are.

The information stored in a cookie file can be used:

  • to store the password and user ID you submitted for the site
  • to remember the options you have selected at the site such as your choice of default entry page
  • to track your movements at the site.

If you have difficulty accessing some library databases, check the Library's access troubleshooting webpage, as it may be necessary to reset your browser settings.

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