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6.1.2 Username and password security

Use your information  appropriately
6.1 Privacy and security
  6.1.1 Tracking of your Internet use
* 6.1.2 Username and password security
6.2 Censorship and freedom of speech
6.3 Netiquette
6.4 Intellectual property
6.5 Plagiarism
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Some people attempt to obtain private information by hacking into computer systems.

Once a hacker has valid access to a system (even using a seemingly unimportant account) they can detect bugs in the system and use these bugs to gain deeper access to that system. For ECU guidelines refer to information on the ECU Information Security web pages.

You can secure your computer and accounts by:

  • choosing a good password
  • being aware of spyware
  • keeping software up to date
  • installing a personal firewall
  • ensuring the physical security of your computer
  • being suspicious of e-mails requesting account details (always phone the institution where the account is held for verification).

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