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6.3 Netiquette

Use your information  appropriately
6.1 Privacy and security
6.2 Censorship and freedom of speech
* 6.3 Netiquette
6.4 Intellectual property
6.5 Plagiarism
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Netiquette is a term referring to the conventions of politeness recommended in electronic communication over a computer network.

The most important rule is: "Remember the human - stop, read again and edit before you post."

Consider the following points:


  • Email is never private. Watch what you write.
  • With formal communciation, use correct English, avoid using slang and texting shortcuts.
  • Avoid cross posting to inappropriate groups
  • Ask permission of the sender before forwarding an email
  • Be aware that extra large files may not be able to sent as email attachments.
  • Always include a subject header that reflects the content of the message.
  • If quoting or referencing in an email, follow print conventions.

Mailing lists

  • Before posting, read what others in the list have written to get a feel for the nature of the group, and what is acceptable practice.
  • Post concise and relevant messages.
  • If posting to Newsgroups, don't say anything you might regret later. Many are archived, and not able to be retrieved.

Online chat

  • Observe and get a feel for the conversation and what is acceptable before joining.
  • If the topic offends you, do not join.
  • If the conversation becomes offensive, leave it.
  • Sending harassing messages is offensive and can get you banned from the server.
  • Use mixed case, as upper case can be interpreted 'AS SHOUTING'

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