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6.4.2 Fair dealing

Use your information  appropriately
6.1 Privacy and security
6.2 Censorship and freedom of speech
6.3 Netiquette
6.4 Intellectual property
  6.4.1 Copyright
* 6.4.2 Fair dealing
6.5 Plagiarism
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The Fair Dealing sections of the Copyright Act 1968 permit the copying of a reasonable portion of works for some specific purposes. Refer to the Research and Study Information Sheet published by the Australian Copyright Council.

The Act defines the following reasonable portions as fair:

Text published as an edition of 10 or more pages Text published in electronic form Newspaper, magazine or journal
10% of the number of pages or one chapter. 10% of the number of words or one chapter if the work is divided into chapters. One article per issue, or multiple articles from the same issue if each article relates to the same subject matter.


For other non-text based material, such as music, images, photographs and films, the Act does not state how much you may reproduce without permission. To be safe, it is best to seek permission from the creators of these works before using them.

image of music notesImage of Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa (re-touched). Retrieved from of film clapboard by Agathe (2009). Clap clapboard blank. Retrieved from

Note: The fair dealing provisions relates to copying by individuals for their own personal use. Reproduction for commercial purposes is not allowed under the provision.

Remember, if you are using material in Australia, then Australian copyright law applies. However, it is important to remember that other countries have different copyright laws which apply if you are working or studying in that country.

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