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6.5 Plagiarism

Use your information  appropriately
6.1 Privacy and security
6.2 Censorship and freedom of speech
6.3 Netiquette
6.4 Intellectual property
6.5 Plagiarism
6.5.1 Your responsibility
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ECU policy and guidelines relating to plagiarism

Plagiarism is cheating and is regarded as grounds for failure, suspension and expulsion.

ECU students should refer to the following:

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of presenting other people's words, ideas and creations as your own work. You are not presenting other's words ideas and creations as your own if you acknowledge that they belong to others. Plagiarism can happen intentionally or unintentionally and is probably the most common form of academic misconduct.

Plagiarism may take a number of forms, including:

  • using phrases or expressions by an author without acknowledgement
  • copying from Web sites, books, articles, newspapers, magazines, plays, movies and speeches
  • copying art work, photos, graphs, diagrams and music
  • copying from another student
  • using or developing ideas from another person's work
  • failing to use quotation marks
  • failing to summarise or paraphrase properly
  • failure to reference properly.

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