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School of Computer and Security Science; Engineering; Exercise and Health Sciences and Natural Sciences - Occasional Speaker

Saturday, 21 January at 1.00pm

Professor Robert Newton

2012 marks the 10th year that Edith Cowan University has been researching a very powerful medicine.

Each year we find new ways to prescribe this medicine and more diseases for which it is a very effective treatment.

Chronic diseases are of long duration and generally slow progression and account for 63% of deaths worldwide. In Australia they account for 80% of our health burden.

This medicine has been proven to prevent or delay all of these diseases simultaneously - cancer, cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke, diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease.

If we can get people to take this medicine regularly we could reduce the development of type II diabetes by up to 50%.

Once you have a chronic disease our research team at ECU, and others around the world, have demonstrated that this medicine can slow the progression and even reverse it.

In diseases such as diabetes and heart disease this medicine can be a cure. No drug has been able to achieve this.

In cancer patients this medicine has been proven to actually increase survival with a recent study in prostate cancer reporting a staggering 61% reduction in death rate.

This is the only medicine currently known to have absolutely no side-effects when taken correctly.
No drug can claim this.

 Even aspirin has side effects as reiterated in a major paper published this year.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this medicine is exercise and Exercise is Medicine.

Our research team at ECU has been investigating exercise medicine for the management of cancer and treatment side-effects.

Much of our work has been in prostate cancer, trying to ameliorate the considerable side-effects caused by hormone suppression therapy (AST) in these men.

Our findings:
increased quality of life
better function
lowered CV risk
increased muscle mass
reduced bone loss
reduced body fat
increased self efficacy and reduced anxiety and depression.

August 2011
Australasian Prostate Cancer Conference
Presented for the first time clinical trials evidence that specific exercise prescription could prevent bone loss in prostate cancer patients. A World first from ECU.

Fitness NOT Fatness
If you are unfit then you are three times more likely to die of any cause than someone who has even moderate fitness.

This applies whether you are obese or normal weight. In fact if you are normal weight but physically inactive and thus unfit your risk of dying of any cause is still three (3x) times that of someone who is obese but is active and physically fit.

A single bout of physical exercise will increase your glucose tolerance. A single bout of physical exercise will improve cognitive function even in the elderly and those with existing impairment.
A single bout of physical exercise will improve mood, reduced anxiety and reduce depression.

A classic study published in 2005 investigated older people with clinical depression.
Routine GP care was effective and reduced depression but high-intensity resistance training was three times (3x) more effective.

Exercise has been demonstrated to lower total cholesterol and in particular it causes an increase in the good cholesterol - the HDL. 2010 – $1.54 Billion on cholesterol lowering drugs.
Same year a large study did not find benefit of statins – the main class of drugs used to control cholesterol.

09/10 financial year
$8.4 Billion Dollars spent by PBS drugs
Exercise Medicine has the potential to reduce this markedly at much lower cost, no side effects and far less personal suffering.

Preventing Cancer
Physically inactive - nearly twice as likely to develop colon cancer1
Active - 30% reduction in the risk of women of all ages developing breast cancer2
Reduces prostate cancer incidence of advanced forms and in older men - 70% reduction if >3 hours vigorous per week3  20 % reduction in risk of Lung cancer4

Surviving Cancer
Breast Cancer RR of death is 0.5 – that is half if physically active
Colorectal Cancer – 51-55% reduction in death rate
2011 study 61% lower risk of PCa death and 49% lower risk of dying of any cause.

Compared to Chemotherapy
Editor of JCO
Such effect parallels that of the leading drug treatment for breast cancer.
Hailed as a breakthrough
Don’t give up your drug treatments
Not the message!
Benefit comes from integrative approach.

Exercise is Medicine in the USA
Exercise is Medicine Australia
Checkout the Website!

ECU Health and Wellness Institute
Exercise physiology, nutrition and psychology – the three pillars of integrative health.
The fourth pillar and the one that bears most of the load is the YOU. Permanent lifestyle change can only be achieved by the individual.
We must change our thinking that medicine will keep us healthy despite what we do or don’t do for our bodies.

ECU Health and Wellness Institute is dedicated to researching and implementing integrative health. Last year we provided over 25,000 doses of this powerful medicine to 1000’s of people ranging from overweight children to cancer patients, people with Parkinson’s, cancer patients and most recently people with spinal cord injury.Outcomes have been extraordinary!

Do yourself and your family a favour. Get active, improve your diet, relax and meditate.
Team up with family and friends to help them do the same.

Professor Cross, WA of the Year – Die young – but at a very old age!

Congratulations to the Graduates
Many of you will be in integrative health
Exercise physiology, nutrition, psychology, physiotherapy, OT
Make sure exercise is your daily medicine personally and for those in your care!
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