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Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science - Graduate Speaker: Rocheal Lee-Lock

Rocheal Lee-Lock

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Good Morning or afternoon; Pro-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen & Fellow Graduates

I am honoured to be selected to speak with you all on this most important occasion and maybe a little bit nervous.

As a Graduate Registered Nurse, I feel a huge sense of pride and achievement right now and I would like all of my fellow graduates to cast your minds back to day one of our ECU adventure.

- When you received your study offer did you question if you could really do this?

- When you first logged into Blackboard did you think, what is all this and how can I possibly understand it all?

- When you saw the book list each semester did the thought of spending all of that money make you just a little bit anxious?

- How about those unit outlines, assignments and exams, did they seem impossible and daunting?

- My fellow Registered Nurses do you remember how petrified we all were going into each OSCE?

I know I can answer yes to all of these questions.

Today however; all of the self-doubt, confusion, frustration, financial investment, revision, practice and sleep deprivation pays off!

Today we receive official recognition for our dedication toward our further education.

Today we should all stand or sit a little straighter, lift our head a little higher and congratulate ourselves for hanging in there.

Each and every one of us graduating today has had to juggle, sacrifice and compromise in order to succeed and each of us takes something individual from our time at ECU. I have had many opportunities for personal and professional growth and I have been encouraged out of my comfort zone many times including today! My highlight however would have to be completing my clinical placement in Africa recently.

We all have support networks of friends, family and loved ones to thank and without our lecturers, tutors and markers our degree wouldn’t be possible.

The biggest thanks we owe however is to ourselves! If we hadn’t taken that leap of faith and backed ourselves then we wouldn’t be here today as graduates.

So next time something feels impossible, outside of our comfort zones, daunting and new let us all remember that we have felt that way before, we didn’t let it defeat us and we can continue to overcome any challenges we put our minds to.

Congratulations class of 2015! We did it. Thank you.

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