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Certainty on fees

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


ECU announced back in May that Commonwealth Supported students who commenced or continued with their studies in semester 2 2014 will continue under the current HECS tuition fee structure until 2020. This means despite the uncertainty surrounding the deregulation of higher education, you can be certain your tuition fees won’t be affected.

Non-Commonwealth Government Supported students, such as international students or domestic postgraduate students, are not affected by proposed changes anyway and therefore won’t see adjustments that result from changes to Government policy.

Many studies have shown that university graduates go on to earn, on average, more than $1 million extra over the course of their lifetime. Certainty regarding fees means that you can continue to concentrate on your studies and gain the skills and knowledge to help you succeed in life.

I appreciate that not everyone is using university as a springboard into a chosen profession. Some of you will go on to develop a deeper understanding of your area of interest through a research degree such as a Masters or PhD.

Some of you will use the skills and discipline gained at university to make a difference in your community, or to be a better parent, or more successful sportsperson.

Students following in your foot steps in years to come will also be fortunate, even though they may enter university under a different fee system. But they too will benefit from the support, skills and knowledge that are available to students at ECU and other universities that are part of the world-class Australian higher education system.

I will continue to update you on any changes to the higher education system. But in the meantime, I urge you to focus on your studies and enjoy your university experience.

Professor Arshad Omari
Acting Vice-Chancellor

* Professor Arshad Omari was Acting Vice-Chancellor of Edith Cowan University from September 2014 to April 2015.

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