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Guest lecturing

ECU values the industry experience that our alumni can bring through guest lecturing. If you would like to volunteer to guest lecture, please look at the opportunities below and see if any fit with your area of expertise. If you see something suitable please contact the Alumni Relations team.

Business Process Management (Postgraduate level)

This unit presents business process management as a fundamental requirement for effective business management. It highlights the critical link between business processes, information technology as well as business strategy. It presents information technology and e-business technologies as important enablers of business change and discusses how effective implementation of enterprise systems requires good understanding and amendment of enterprise business processes. It discusses the enterprise level, process level and implementation level aspects of managing business processes and emphasises the critical role managers play in process change. It illustrates the different phases of the business process life cycle.

Furthermore, more specific improvement techniques are presented such as the widely used process improvement methodology Six Sigma and Lean as providing a useful set of tools for managing process change. The increasingly pervasive process framework ITIL will be introduced and its focus on servicing the customer will be highlighted.

Students will demonstrate a mastery of knowledge including the importance of planning, analysing and changing business processes to achieve an alignment with strategy and the underlying IT-architecture. They will also demonstrate mastery of knowledge in information technology necessary to make decisions in process change management. Link to the more detailed Unit outline.

Dates and location

  • Thursdays, 2.30pm - 5.30pm between Feb 28th and May 30th, Joondalup Campus

Ideal guest speaker presentations would present how BPM is practised in their company. For example: what is the structure/phases/activities of a BPM project. What does the process repository look like. How are changes to the repository managed over time? What software is used for process modelling? How is process knowledge communicated throughout the company? How are BPM Projects prioritised?

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