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Your stories

Thumbnail picture of Anthony Moses Thumbnail

" There is nothing more inspiring as an educator to see your students learn and develop into members of the community who will in turn positively impact others."

Anthony Moses

Master of Education, 2014

Thumbnail picture of Kashif Saleem Thumbnail

"I did not expect to achieve so much so soon and be where I am today. My career satisfaction stems from the fact that I love what I do!"

Kashif Saleem

Bachelor of Business, 2001

Thumbnail picture of Dr Zoe Gibbs Thumbnail

“Since leaving ECU I have built my own Health and Wellness clinic in Kenya from scratch”

Zoe Gibbs

Doctor of Philosophy, 2012

Thumbnail picture of Matthew Allen Thumbnail

"My current role is as the Chief Executive Officer of Otto Energy. Otto Energy is an ASX listed oil and gas exploration and production company"

Matthew Allen

Bachelor of Business, 1996

Thumbnail picture of Hilary Silbert Thumbnail

"I have dedicated much of my career promoting the life and achievements of Edith Dircksey Cowan"

Hilary Silbert

Teachers Certificate, 1970

Thumbnail picture of Fiona Symonds Thumbnail

"If anybody had told me 10 years ago that I would be the General Manager of the WA Youth Jazz Orchestra (WAYJO), I would have laughed"

Fiona Symonds

Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts (Stage Management), 2001

Thumbnail picture of Peter Bowler Thumbnail

"As a recognised property industry trainer, coach and mentor I have over 22 years of experience in sales training, business and property law, franchising, state management and corporate leadership"

Peter Bowler

Bachelor of Arts (Education), 1991

Thumbnail picture of Nick Skinner Thumbnail

“I am currently the Senior Sergeant Team Leader at the WA Police Communications Division, Police Operations Centre. I have also been the Duty Inspector for the Police Operations Centre for the past 14 months."

Nick Skinner

Master of Business Administration, 2014

Thumbnail picture of Sindy Dowden Thumbnail

"I am a Community History Librarian at The Grove Library, where I manage the history collection and create digital interpretations"

Sindy Dowden

Graduate Diploma in Information Science, 2011

Thumbnail picture of Daniel Costantin Thumbnail

“I am currently an Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) were I am part of the Cyber and Forensics team. I am primarily with the Cyber team and take part in internal or external penetration / vulnerability testing."

Daniel Costantin

Master of Cyber Security, 2015

Thumbnail picture of Brodie McDougall Thumbnail

"I am the Regional Director for Michael Page in WA. I am passionate about executive recruitment and excited by the current WA market that is focused on candidates strategically partnering with executives, driving efficiencies and service delivery in new markets."

Brodie McDougall

Bachelor of Business (HR and E-Commerce), 2001

Thumbnail picture of Fred Troncone Thumbnail

"I am currently the CEO of Wellard Rural Exports. When I joined Wellard, the company was experiencing a period of significant growth" 

Fred Troncone

Master of Business Administration, 2005

Thumbnail picture of Gillian Swaby Thumbnail

"Never be afraid to ask questions – that’s how we learn"

Gillian Swaby

Bachelor of Business, 1993

Thumbnail picture of Vivienne Conway Thumbnail

“I never dreamed that one day I’d have a doctorate. I certainly never thought that I would have been able to accomplish the things I have this late in my career.”

Dr Vivienne Conway

Doctor of Philosophy, 2014

Thumbnail picture of Jennifer De Carvalho Thumbnail

"My ECU studies have inspired me to aim high and believe in myself. As a result in 2014 I decided to enrol at ECU in the Master of Project Management course and will complete my studies in 2016."

Jennifer De Carvalho

Graduate Certificate of Business, 2012

Thumbnail picture of Trevor Bloch Thumbnail

“I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) with Honours in 1997, and am now the Managing Director of BlochTech Engineering."

Trevor Bloch

Bachelor of Engineering, 1997

Thumbnail picture of Cameron Tuohy Thumbnail

" It’s always great to combine your work with a passion. I’ve always wanted to work within an industry I found interesting and I am currently doing so within the football industry."

Cameron Tuohy

Bachelor of Business, 2002

Thumbnail picture of Karen Bradley Thumbnail

"I am currently the Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer for the Western Australian Department of Health"

Karen Bradley

Bachelor of Nursing, 1993

Thumbnail picture of Nicolas Hart Thumbnail

"I am currently a Sports Scientist with the Fremantle Dockers Football Club and have worked for them during their 2012, 2013 and 2014 AFL seasons"

Nicolas Hart

Master of Science (Sports Science), 2012

Thumbnail picture of Lauren Movick Thumbnail

"We had such great lecturers and tutors at ECU with loads of industry experience. I also made some lifelong friendships and have great memories from my time there”

Lauren Movick

Bachelor of Communications, 2006

Thumbnail picture of Grace Mugabe Thumbnail

"With ambition and drive, you can do everything. There is nothing unattainable if you set your intentions and work extraordinarily hard"

Grace Mugabe

Bachelor of Business, 2006

Got a story to tell?

We would love to hear about your journey since leaving ECU. Wherever your studies with us have taken you in life, we want to know.

We’re always looking for stories to feature in our publications and communications, so if you’d like to share, please get in touch with us at

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