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Volunteering is an activity undertaken by an individual for an organisation for no financial reward and not for the purposes of obtaining credit in a unit of study or course.

As a currently-enrolled ECU student, you can get involved in volunteer work by signing up to ECU's Volunteering program.

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community, however doing volunteer work can offer you more than just the satisfaction of lending a helping hand to local organisations. Volunteering is actually a fantastic way to grow and build your employability skills while you are studying.

The career benefits of volunteering include:

  • broadening your networks and meeting new people
  • demonstrating community awareness
  • development of interpersonal skills and leadership abilities
  • increasing employability and candidate attractiveness

If you are a currently enrolled ECU student, you can get involved in our volunteering program from your very first semester. Simply sign up using the Volunteer Expression Interest form, log into VolunteerHub and start selecting your volunteering experience. There is a broad variety of opportunities including National Student Volunteer Week.

Some of the volunteering opportunities that will be available to you include:

  • internal volunteering (at ECU)
  • events volunteering
  • conservation and eco volunteering
  • sports volunteering
  • community and welfare volunteering
  • arts volunteering

After volunteering your time towards our volunteer opportunities, you may be eligible to receive a certificate of participation, which you can add to your professional portfolio.

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