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Construction begins on new building for Joondalup Campus

Monday, 16 April 2012


The site works for Building 34, the new building for the Joondalup Campus, have begun this week.

The new building will be situated between the Library (Building 31) and the lecture theatre (Building 32) and so access to this area and parts of car park 2 are currently restricted.  

For your own safety, and to prevent interruptions to the work, please do not park or walk through any of the areas fenced off for the construction works.

The existing lighting in car park 2 may also be affected by the works. Temporary lighting will be provided to ensure the safety of students and staff who may be working late.

The forward works will involve excavation and sheet piling and there will be some noise and vibration while this work is occurring. Care has been taken to minimise noise where possible, with the peak of noisy activity taking place at weekends when fewest staff and students are using the campus.

The existing grassed ‘forum’ area outside the Library will be reduced in size as a result of the new building works. To ensure students still can still enjoy the great outdoors, a number of new spaces across campus will be created.

One of these spaces is the open outdoor area on level 1 of the Library. The current entrance from within the Library to this area will be blocked off (apart from emergency exits) and an entrance stairway to the area will be built linking it to the Aroma cafe.

More information about Building 34 is available on the ECU website.


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