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Infringements and penalties

The following tips may assist you in avoiding a parking infringement:

  • Read our Lands and Traffic By-Laws prior to parking on ECU grounds.
  • Infringements are issued for not displaying a permit, not necessarily for not owning one.
  • Don't place your permit under window tinting.
  • Notes on dashboards are not accepted in place of a permit, obtain a temporary permit instead. If you are not driving your normal vehicle, obtain a temporary permit.
  • All vehicles parked in areas signed Visitor Parking must display a valid visitor permit from the ticket vending machine.
  • Ensure that your parking permit or ticket is clearly displayed at all times.
  • For the protection of the University environment, and for the safety of students, staff and visitors, vehicles are not permitted to park on verges, grass areas, roads or pathways.

Paying a parking infringement

Parking infringements can be paid online or at the Student Services Centre.

If a parking fine remains unpaid, it will be escalated to the courts through the fines Enforcement Registry.  This may result in the suspension of your Motor Vehicle Drivers Licence and court action.  Students and staff are strongly urged to pay outstanding fines to avoid escalation.

Please note: Cash payments are no longer accepted by the university.

Appealing an infringement

Appeals against parking infringements must lodged with Security and Traffic Services within 14 days from the date of the infringement issued. Verbal appeals cannot be accepted. Applicants may ultimately elect to have their case heard by a Magistrate rather than processed by the Fines Enforcement Registry.

Appeals may be lodged online through our secure Appeal a Parking Penalty form.


The main points of the Lands and Traffic by-laws are:

  • All vehicles parking on University land between the hours of 7.00am and 5.00pm on weekdays are required to display either a current valid parking permit or a valid metered parking ticket.;
  • Parking areas and parking bays are clearly marked and require vehicles to be parked within marked bays in accordance with permit/ticket entitlements.
  • Breaches of Lands and Traffic By-Laws will be strictly enforced and may result in the issue of infringement notices and will incur a penalty.
  • Parking arrangements apply all year and are not relaxed during vacations or semester breaks.
  • Details of ECU's Lands and Traffic By-Laws are available from the University By-Laws web page.


The University accepts no responsibility for the loss of or damage to vehicles on University grounds, nor for loss or damage to a vehicle’s accessories or contents.

Penalty enforcement

The University is authorised to impose penalties in respect of breaches of the Lands and Traffic By-Laws. The maximum penalty is $250 but offenders are initially given the opportunity to pay a modified penalty of $25.00 or $60.00 depending on the nature of the infringement. The University engages the services of the Fines Enforcement Registry to collect penalties in default and is authorised to charge additional fees for administration and legal costs.

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