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Staff permits

Staff parking permits are available:

  • through payroll deductions (only complete a 2020 application form if you are a new staff member, all current staff members will automatically receive a new 2020 permit);
  • through our online payments gateway; or
  • by purchasing a daily or weekly permit (referred to as 'scratchies') available from the Co-op Bookshop or food outlets for $4.00 per day or $8.00 per week.

Staff Blue permits and Yellow Reserved are available to all staff.  However a waiting list is in place for Yellow Reserved permits. Where a person is both employed and enrolled to study at the University, they are only eligible to purchase a Staff Blue Permit. Only students are eligible for Student Red permits. Unfortunately, the option to obtain a parking permit by payroll deduction is not available to casual or sessional staff.

Staff Red permits are only available to staff who currently hold an existing Staff Red parking permit.

TypeAnnual Fee (Jan - Dec)Single Semester Fee
Yellow Reserved Permit$618.75$373.50N/AN/A
Staff Blue$268.30$160.70$135.10$81.00
Staff Red (only available to staff who currently hold an existing Staff Red parking permit)$135.20$82.70$68.65$40.45

*Part-time: Less than those of a full-time employee.

**Staff second permits: $25.00.

***Semester 1, Staff Blue permits are available for pay online purchases only.

**** Annual Fee: Permit valid for applicable calendar year (January - December)

Replacement permits

Transferring a current permit from one vehicle to another can be done free of charge through the Change of Vehicle or Address online form.  Please note: this will not result in a new permit being issued.

If your permit is lost or destroyed you'll need to complete the staff online Replacement Parking Permit form.  A statutory declaration is required to accompany the form and a $5.00 fee applies.

Completed application forms will be forwarded to Traffic Services who will assess the application and either issue a replacement permit or advise if not successful.  If successful, the replacement permit will be mailed to the permit holder's home address.  Please note incomplete forms will not be processed.

Staff second permits

Staff with a current ECU parking permit are entitled to an additional permit if the staff member regularly uses another vehicle to travel to campus. Second permits are issued on the understanding that only one vehicle is on campus at any time.

You'll need to complete the online Staff Second Permit form and a $25.00 application fee (eftpos only) is payable at Student Central. Application form, copy of second cars registration papers, and receipt are to be delivered to Traffic Services either in person or via internal mail.

Permit refunds (online payments only)

Permit holders ceasing employment with the University shall be entitled to a refund of the parking fee paid based on the HECS policy. Refunds will be issued against the original receipt used to purchase the permit. Funds will be refunded to eftpos/credit card used for the purchase.

Helpful hints

Please read our Lands and Traffic By-Laws prior to obtaining a parking permit.

  • A vehicle must display the appropriate parking permit on the bottom left hand passenger corner of the windscreen so the number and year can be validated.
  • Parking permits must be clearly visible, must not be defaced, altered or reproduced.
  • Permits are issued for a specific person and a specific vehicle. Permits are not normally transferable.
  • The granting of a parking permit does not entitle the permit holder to the use of any particular University parking area, only that as the authorised zone of the permit.
  • The granting of a parking permit does not guarantee that a parking area will be available when required by a permit holder, nor does it guarantee location proximity.
  • A note on the dashboard is not acceptable in place of a permit. If a permit holder is using a different vehicle to normal a temporary permit must be displayed.
  • Forged permits are considered a serious offence and may impact on employment or enrolment status.
  • Staff are permitted to park in Student Red bays when no Staff Blue bays are available on campus.  Please note car park 20 on the Joondalup campus is a mixed Staff/Student parking zone.

For any enquiries, contact Security and Traffic Services at

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