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Staff access cards

Access cards give entry to restricted areas or entry to areas outside of normal opening hours.

How do I apply for a card?

To apply for a staff access card:

  • you need to complete an application form;
  • there is a cost so you will need to know your Faculty/Centre cost centre;
  • once you have completed the form, you will need to have your Head of Department authorise the form;
  • once authorised, submit the application to Security and Traffic Services for the Joondalup campus and the Campus Support Office for the Mt Lawley campus; and
  • the Security and Traffic Services/Campus Support Office will issue you with a card and request activation (this should happen either that day or overnight).

How do I change the access on my card?

If additional access is required you need to follow the above process and document the additional areas you wish to access.

I have lost (or damaged) my card

Lost/stolen cards should be reported immediately to Campus Security via email at or by completing the online Access Cards Problem form. Unfortunately lost/stolen cards cannot be replaced, you will need to purchase a new card.

My card is faulty

Should your card not be functioning contact Campus Security via email at or by completing the online Access Cards Problem form.

After hours – if you are unable to access a building due to a faulty access card contact Campus Security via a campus security telephone and request access to the building. When the Security Officer arrives they will want to see your access card and staff ID card.

I am leaving ECU

Should you leave ECU your access card should be returned to your campus Campus Support Office.

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