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Password Manager


Why should I use LastPass?

The number of passwords and pin codes we are required to remember, both at work and at home, continues to increase. Because these passwords protect important things such as services, information and locations like your home, protecting them is a priority. Many people are guilty of poor password habits and hygiene, such as using similar or the same passwords for all their accounts or not changing passwords often enough.

LastPass is a tool that supports you in as generating complex passwords and storing them securely.

How do I get started with LastPass?

Before you log in to LastPass for the first time, review the training resources provided on the InfoSec webpage. If you require any further support, please contact the IT Service Desk on 6304 6000 or

Is LastPass secure?

LastPass uses a number of encryption methods to ensure your data is protected and provides 24/7 monitoring to protect against account breaches. Whilst 100% security is unobtainable, LastPass provides a greater level of security than you would have without it.

Can I separate my personal passwords from my ECU work passwords?

Once your LastPass enterprise account is created you can create and link a free premium personal LastPass account. You will need to use your personal email address to create your free personal LastPass account.

What happens to my LastPass account if I leave ECU?

Once you leave ECU, your ECU enterprise account will be disabled and your premium personal LastPass account will be converted to a regular LastPass account. You can continue using your regular personal LastPass account at home.

I received an email from LastPass that my accounts have been compromised. Is this real?

LastPass monitors your username you use in combination with website URLs. If LastPass detects a potential account breach, you will receive an email to your ECU email address advising you of the potential breach.

I created a LastPass account many months or years ago and I do not remember the master password.  What should I do?

If you have previously created a LastPass with your ECU email address and have forgotten the password, you will need to log in to LastPass and delete your account. You will receive an email from LastPass to confirm you would like to delete the account. After you have done this, please advise the IT Service Desk and we will recreate your account.

I forgot my master password. Can I get it reset?

If you have forgotten your master password and are not using the browser plugin, the only option is to delete your account. If you are using the browser plugin, you can contact the IT Service Desk and request a reset of your master password.

What if I don’t want to use LastPass?

ECU has provided you with a toolset to manage your information security. Some tools, like Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) are mandatory and you will not be able to access your ECU Microsoft account without it. LastPass password manager is a supporting tool to ECU’s access and password management policy. If you encounter credential theft and are not using these industry standard tools, you are not exercising due diligence in regards to securing your work and personal information.

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