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Old Ways New Ways Inspires Science Win

Tuesday, 05 November 2019


Two students participating in Kurongkurl Katitjin's Old Ways New Ways Program at Thornlie Senior High School have been awarded first place in the state-wide 2019 Science Talent Search.

Declan Dudley and Bilal Liddell, both year seven students, wanted their entry in the Science Talent Search Competition to reflect the cultures and traditions of their Aboriginal communities and investigated the cooling properties of lemongrass paste in reducing body temperature.

A long-used method of healing for Aboriginal people, the cooling properties of lemongrass paste were confirmed through an investigation conducted by the students, who hope that more people can learn about the medicinal use of native plants that have long been known to Aboriginal people.

For their investigation, Bilal and Declan were awarded First Place in the Yrs. 7 – 8 Division of the Research Investigation Category in the state-wide Science Talent Search.

At the last full school assembly for 2019, Kurongkurl Katitjin Cultural Awareness Officer Jason Barrow, presented Declan and Bilal a message stick to commemorate their achievements and says it's a great result.

"Declan and Bilal's investigation fully embraced the philosophy of the Old Ways New Ways program. Not only have they been able to keep our traditional ways alive, they've also demonstrated how in learning about them you can use them to succeed; in this case, by using contemporary scientific methodology to prove them."

The message sticks presented to the Bilal and Declan are to wish them safe passage through their educational journey, wherever it may take them. Find out more about the glass message sticks download the brochure.

Congratulations to Declan and Bilal on their achievement.


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