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Student Matrix

The Ngala Karla - Keeping on Track Matrix is a resource developed by ECU’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students as an easy and quick reference guide to help keep students on track during their learning journey at ECU.

The Matrix has four areas of focus:

  1. Determination and Motivation -
  2. WHY ARE YOU COMING TO UNIVERSITY? There could be a number of reasons that influence your decision for further study. This decision is such a personal one and will shape your determination and motivation throughout your learning journey at ECU.

  3. Attitude -
  4. ARE YOU AT UNIVERSITY FOR THE RIGHT REASONS? Having the right attitude for further study is an important component in your development and successful progression throughout your learning journey at ECU.

  5. Discipline -
  6. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Understanding and respecting the commitment and focus required for further study is crucial to success. Discipline is all about how you organise your life around your learning journey at ECU.

  7. Resources -
  8. WHAT SUPPORT CAN ECU OFFER? ECU wants you to succeed and offers a supportive learning environment with award winning facilities, including a range of support services and resources to help you get the most out of your learning journey at ECU.

The main aim is to use this Matrix as a reference to reflect on your own progress and feelings along the way. This will help you make sense of where you are at, what you can do and where to find support.

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