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Student Resources

Kurongkurl Katitjin provides the following resources in support of current Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at ECU.

Co-op Voucher

Available to all students, a Co-op Voucher (valued at $100) is offered to assist towards purchases such as text-books from the Co-op book shop.

The voucher can be used at any Co-op book shop on all campuses and/or via their online website.

All students can access two vouchers a year (one for each Semester).

Student Welcome Packs

Available to new students, a welcome pack is offered at the commencement of studies here at ECU.

The pack contains basic stationary items including a notebook, a USB, pens and headphones.

Student Resources will be available for collection between Week 3 and Week 5 of Semester. Please refer to the schedule below.

2019: Semester One Campus Collection Schedule

Still to be confirmed.


Register for these on Study and Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions being asked related to these student resources. This list is not exhaustive, however if your question is not here, please email us.

1. Can I receive my voucher and/or welcome pack early?

No. We need to ensure we have an accurate list of enrolled students before any dissemination of resources.

2. If I haven't registered, can I still attend a collection session to get my resource/s?

No. Completing the online registration process is the only way to receive your student resource/s.

3. Can I get cash instead of the voucher?

No. Vouchers are a requirement for auditing purposes.

4. I have registered, but I missed my collection date. What can I do?

Your resource will be made available at the next collection date on your selected campus. Refer to the collection schedule and make yourself available. Please do not register a second time.

5. None of the collection times suit me, what can I do?

Another student can collect it for you. However, this will need to be indicated in the registration as prompted. You will need to provide their student number, full name and ECU email address. It is important to let your student peer know you have listed them on your registration.

6. I have been nominated to collect another students pack? What do I need to know?

You will be sent an email to confirm your nomination as a collector and their name recorded against yours on the sign-out sheet on collection. NOTE: You will still need to register yourself independently and select a collection date.

7. Can someone other than a student collect these items for me?

No. We encourage you to liaise with a fellow Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student, who would be also collecting these resources.

8. I have lost my Co-op voucher. Can I get a another?

No. Once you’ve collected the voucher, it becomes your responsibility to keep it safe until you decide to use it.

9. Can the welcome pack and voucher be posted to me instead?

Only if you’re an external student. All other students are encouraged to take the opportunity to meet with Kurongkurl Katitjin staff as per the schedule.

10. If I missed collecting my resources last semester, can I get double this semester?

No. Unfortunately, there is no accumulation of resources. So if you didn't access it in that semester, it is no longer available.

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