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Services to other libraries

Services to other libraries

Our library is part of the Australian interlibrary lending community and provides a range of services to other libraries.

Australian libraries

Document Delivery services will be provided to other libraries in accordance with the ECU supply and charging policies outlined in the Australian Interlibrary Resource Sharing ILRS directory.

Requests can be submitted through the Libraries Australia Document Delivery service (LADD), email, fax or post.

Overseas libraries

Library items will be sent overseas to meet interlibrary loan requests of other libraries unless they are in high demand (for example 3 or 7 day loans) or published within the last two years.

Supply of ECU theses to other libraries

We are currently in the process of digitising our thesis collection retrospectively. Digital copy of ECU theses will be made available for open access at our institutional repository - Research Online.

In the interim, ECU theses can be supplied to other libraries via document delivery at normal charges in PDF format, provided the author has either given permission for upload to Research Online or given specific permission for supply via document delivery. Please submit a document delivery request via VDX/LADD or email us at, we will confirm if the requested thesis is available.

Reciprocal agreements

We will consider reciprocal agreements with other libraries if these are mutually beneficial. Requests for reciprocal agreements should be directed to the University Librarian in writing by emailing

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