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Obtaining copyright permission and licences

The general rule of copyright law is that the copyright owner has an exclusive right to use and exploit their creative works, and that another may only use those works with the express permission of the copyright owner.

In addition to being a user of the copyright of others, ECU is also a copyright owner. ECU has the exclusive right to use or exploit creative works that it produces.

These creative works are created by ECU staff in their capacity as employees of the University, e.g. teaching materials or curricula. The copyright in the work vests not in the individual that authored it, but in the organisation that employed the individual to author the work, i.e. ECU.

Granting permission to others

Occasionally, other organisations contact ECU to ask for permission to use ECU’s copyright work. The general position is that if permission is being sought for some non-commercial purpose, such as an educational purpose, and the work has negligible commercial worth to the University, permission shall be granted.

All copyright permission requests should be referred to the Office of Legal Services.


ECU Copyright Officer

General Counsel
Jo Quinn
Office of Legal Services
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 2016

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