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Health advancement

Our University is recognised as one of the nation’s leaders in the rapidly emerging area of simulated learning and teaching. Our Centres and Programs include the following:

National Teaching Fellowship 2011-2012

In May 2011, Professor Cobie Rudd was announced as a National Teaching Fellow, funded by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching. Professor Rudd’s Fellowship aims to enhance the uptake of learning through simulation in health.

Interprofessional Learning Through Simulation Resources

This website provides access to five multimedia resources for training health professionals in the area of interprofessional learning (IPL). The goal of the IPL resources is to help prepare all health professionals - be they students or beginning clinicians - for working together.

ECU Health Simulation Centre

The ECU Health Simulation Centre is designed to address the inter-professional learning needs of the health related workforce. The centre utilises mannequins, trained actors and volunteers to play the various roles of patient, medical practitioner and visitor to simulate real-life situations.

Interprofessional Ambulatory Care Program

The Interprofessional Ambulatory Care Program (IpAC) provides health students with an Interprofessional Learning experience. The program also provides a community clinic that develops communication and collaboration among health students and optimises chronic disease self-management for clients.

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