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Australian Mines and Metals Association project

ECU is working with the Australian Mines & Metals Association (AMMA) on a research study to investigate the benefits and costs to business, migrant families and the community of employing 457 temporary visa workers.

The partners have applied for Australian Research Council funding for the project, which, if approved, will commence in late 2011.

AMMA will fund the research, underwritten by an AMMA member company, for three years, pending approval from the ARC. The study will assist AMMA to provide data on the benefits and costs to Australian businesses, migrant workers and the community when workers are engaged on temporary 457 visas.

The review will question the impact of the program on business, the community and on the workforce, examine the associated costs for business, the community and the workforce, and look at the associated benefits.

It is expected the data will lead to recommendations that can better support businesses employing temporary workers on the visas as well as for migrant families.

Key ECU Staff

Dr Llandis Barratt-Pugh.

Engagement Partners

Australian Mines and Metals Association.

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