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Nursing Service Learning: Ramsay Health partnership

This partnership offers undergraduate nursing students a learning experience in a metropolitan setting, allowing them to undertake both day shift and night duty in the one clinical rotation. The program aims to support undergraduate nurses in gaining clinical competence as well as exposing them to the diversity of the clinical workload. The partnership is focused on developing a sense of citizenship among nursing students so they can see the role of nurses in a broader sense and how they function as a resource for the nursing community.

In 2010, Health Workforce Australia funded a pilot project aimed at increasing clinical placements for undergraduate final semester nurses by adding night duty rotations. The pilot project was trialed by ECU and, due to its success, has since expanded in 2011 to include students from second and third years.

Key ECU Staff

Professor Cobie Rudd, Professor Di Twigg, Gina Mata.

Engagement Partners

Ramsay Health Care Limited hospitals (Joondalup Health Campus, Hollywood Private Hospital, Glengarry Private Hospital, Atadale Private Hospital), West Coast Institute of Training.

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