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SolarisCare Foundation partnerships

The SolarisCare Foundation is a registered charity providing emotional support and complementary therapies for people with cancer and their partners/ families through three drop-in support centre's: two located within acute care hospital settings and the third situated in a rural area.

The support centres provide a valuable and innovative approach to health care. Complementary therapies are offered to patents within the acute care hospital setting, in addition to standard treatment and care. Within the support centre's, volunteer trained and accredited therapists provide a range of therapies free of charge. These therapies are selected on an "l do no harm" basis and are mostly massage or touch-based therapies, or nonintervention psychologically based therapies. Patents are offered a choice of therapies.

Associate Professor Anne Williams has been working closely with the SolarisCare Foundation for several years as part of their collaborative research team. An exploratory project describing the experiences of persons attending the SolarisCare centres has been conducted and further work is now building on this, including a project funded by SolarisCare and led by Associate Professor Williams focusing on the development and testing of an instrument to measure emotional comfort. This instrument will represent a change in focus in healthcare evaluations, assessing positive health outcomes. It is planned to be used in future projects which determine the benefits associated with attendance at the SolarisCare centre's. It will be available for use by other researchers.

Key ECU Staff

Associate Professor Anne Williams.

Engagement Partners

SolarisCare Foundation.

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