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Policing Just Outcomes project

Researchers from ECU have collaborated with Victoria Police on the Policing Just Outcomes project, the first ever state-wide online survey of rape and sexual assault victims in an Australian jurisdiction. Funded by a ARC Linkage grant, the project includes a survey of 336 respondents from across Victoria and in-depth interviews with 76 victims and survivors, assessing the decision-making behind reporting their sexual victimisation to the police. The main goals of the project are:

  • To improve understanding of the incidence, nature and dynamics of sexual assault in Victoria, police responses to it, and the outcomes these responses generate
  • To identify and understand the factors and dilemmas that influence the decisions made by adult victims of sexual assault on whether or not to report the offences to police
  • To inform and improve Victoria Police responses to victim/survivors of sexual assault and the ways that Victoria Police manage the reporting of sexual assault, and
  • To identify and develop ways for the criminal justice system to better respond to and manage reports of sexual assault.

  • The project will achieve these goals through in-depth research and analysis of police response to reports of sexual offences and the management, investigation and outcome of sexual assault cases.

The project will examine the decision-making of victim/survivors in regard to reporting a sexual offence to police, and the experience of those who have chosen to report a sexual offence to police.

Key ECU Staff

Professor Caroline Taylor.

Engagement Partners

Victoria Police, University of Tasmania.

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