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Security Research Centre

The secau Security Research Centre, one of the first Australian Computer Society (ACS) Centres of Excellence, allows students in the broad security discipline to participate in cross-disciplinary research projects. It draws together expertise in areas including engineering, information and computer science, psychology and law and justice. The collaboration increases the likelihood of discovering and tackling key security questions.

The Centre's principle research areas are applicable to digital exploration in the areas of banking, finance, private corporations, and national security. The importance of digital and physical security is demonstrated by the ongoing collaborations the secau Security Research Centre has with various Australian and international partners, as well as a range of security related research alliances.

The Centre has established a world-class profile in a number of specific areas including computer forensics, network and wireless security, information warfare, network honeypots, and physical security and risk management. In 2011, secau Security Research Centre has more than 60 projects available for students to undertake as part of their course, many of them in collaboration with external partners.

The Centre is involved in extensive work of value to security agencies and other stakeholders, with projects including:

  • Image Preview System (SIMPLE): the creation of a bootable Linux distribution that any police officer could use to preview images stored on a computer in a forensically sterile manner.
  • Honeypots investigations: experiments and research using honeypots, a potentially invaluable tool for network reconnaissance and intelligence gathering.
  • Medical information and network security: examining the security of medical systems and network security.
  • Mobile device forensics: ongoing study into the security aspects of mobile technology including PDA and phone technology.
  • Radio frequency identification tags: ongoing study into the security aspects of RFID technology.
  • Wireless security projects: Ongoing work to assist in detecting and intercepting the use of networks for criminal and national security threats.

Key ECU staff

Professor Craig Valli, Professor Tony Watson, Professor Narayanan Srinivasan, Professor Murray Lampard, Dr David Brooks, Dr Patricia Williams, Dr Andrew Woodward and other secau staff.

Engagement Partners

WA Police, Australian Federal Police, Defence Signals Directorate, Rio Tinto/Argyle Diamonds, National Police Forensics Group, British Telecom, Australian Security Intelligence Organisaton (ASIO T4 Protective Security), Western Australian Crime and Corruption Commission, Sandia National Laboratories USA, Emirates Airlines.

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