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Sellenger Centre Criminal Justice Review Project

The Sellenger Centre Criminal Justice Review (CJR) Project is a teaching, learning, research and engagement initiative funded by ECU and the Law Society of Western Australia Public Purpose Trust. Review projects of this type are traditionally called 'innocence projects' and operate as post-appeal review bodies, providing assistance to those who claim to have been wrongfully convicted. Although a number of innocence projects have been established in America, only one project has been established in Australian jurisdictions.

Existing projects adopt a corrective philosophy, seeking the exoneration of those who have been wrongfully convicted. The CJR Project is distinguished by its focus on preventative and corrective philosophies.

The CJR Project seeks to correct errors (or facilitate exoneration in the event of wrongful conviction) and prevent errors (or generate research that facilitates the process of law reform). The research agenda is intended to provide outcomes that will facilitate the continuous improvement of practices and processes relevant to each arm of justice. Individual research projects are developed in collaboration with stakeholders to maximise the relevance and utility of research outcomes.

Key ECU Staff

Dr Pamela Henry.

Engagement Partners

WA Law Society, Department of Corrective Services, WA Police, Law Society of Western Australia Public Purpose Trust.

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