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Sellenger Centre for Research in Law, Justice and Policing

The Sellenger Centre for Research in Law, Justice and Social Change engages in research that seeks to provide an evidence base to guide the transformation of legal and social systems.

Evidence-based findings inform the continuous improvement of structures, processes, practices and general conditions within stakeholder industries and the communities that they serve. All research activities are guided by industry and community need and seek to promote justice, community well-being and sustainable social change.

Engagement and the notion of mutual benefit are critical components of all research initiatives. Research outcomes do not only serve academic imperatives; they ensure that the needs of industry and relevant communities are acknowledged, understood and addressed. To achieve this end, Centre staff work collaboratively with a range of professionals and community stakeholders who inform the development of research initiatives.

The existing relationship with WA Police serves as an example. Given the mutual benefits associated with this ongoing research relationship, the WA Police Research Unit has now been co-located within the Sellenger Centre on ECU's campus. Centre staff are working in collaboration with WA Police on large-scale research projects that inform operational policing. Example research projects include:

  • Misuse of the WA Police Information Management System
  • The effectiveness of Blueline as an internal integrity monitor
  • The influence of WA Police recruit training on the quality of witness interviews
  • The effect of misinformation on the accuracy of multiple witness accounts, and
  • The effect of the self-administered interview tool on the accuracy of witness accounts.
  • The Sellenger Centre has also developed a suite of highly flexible postgraduate teaching programs being undertaken by police officers.
  • The results of the Centre's research are widely disseminated in print and through conferences, nationally and internationally.

Key ECU Staff

Dr Pamela Henry.

Engagement Partners

WA Police.

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