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Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research

The Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research undertakes applied and fundamental research to improves understanding of coastal marine ecosystems. Broadly, the research investigates ecological processes in coastal marine systems and how these respond to pressures, either natural or human-induced. The Centre's main research themes are:

  • Habitat connectivity and trophic interactions
  • Management of human impacts
  • Conservation and fisheries biology
  • Stress and disturbance ecology.

The Centre is home to a group of researchers providing innovative and relevant research in marine and estuarine ecosystems supporting local, national and international researchers and managers. Centre members have strong links to wide range of industry and government partners, including conservation and fisheries agencies, the oil and gas industry and the mining sector. They also have strong links to collaborators in a range of leading universities, including the University of Stockholm, the University of Southern Alabama, the University of the Canary Islands, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), the University of Copenhagen and several Australian universities.

Recent research partnerships include:

  • Indicators of nutrient pollution on reef ecosystems - with funding from the Department of Defense and the ECU-Industry Collaborative Scheme.
  • The effects of western rock lobster on benthic, shallow water assemblages - in collaboration with the WA Department of Fisheries
  • Impact and recovery from light reduction in an Amphibolis seagrass ecosystem - in collaboration with the Department of Environment and Conservation, CSIRO and the Geraldton Port Authority
  • Beach Wrack dynamics - in partnership with University of Western Australia, DHI Consulting, Department of Planning and Infrastructure, the shires of Busselton and Port Geographe.
  • Ocean climate and resilience of kelp beds to disturbances - in partnership with University of Western Australia, CSIRO, University of Copenhagen.

Key ECU staff

Professor Paul Lavery, Associate Professor Glenn Hyndes.

Engagement Partners

WA Department of Fisheries, CSIRO, Department of Defence, Department of Environment and Conservation, Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

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