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Design of a video surveillance system for Perth Transport Authority

Real-time video surveillance has long been used in stationary environments with proven success. Real-time video surveillance on public transport has not been very successful, however, mainly because of technological limitations. The Centre for Communications Engineering Research at ECU's School of Engineering has been working in collaboration with the WA Public Transport Authority on a project to develop new strategies to improve the throughput in mobile wireless communications. This means a centrally monitored real-time video surveillance system can be facilitated on public transport.

In such a system, real-time video data from the mobile transports will be transmitted to wireless base stations that are connected to a high-speed wide area network. Base stations will send video data to a central control room where security experts will monitor and interpret video contents. The amount of throughput provided by the existing wireless technologies is not sufficient to support a centrally monitored video surveillance system on public transport.

The potential outcomes from this project will bring valuable social and economic benefits to Australia. With the increasing fuel prices and concerns about environmental impacts, it is expected that take up of public transport in Australia will increase.

The safety of the passengers is an issue of supreme interest for transport authorities. Video surveillance will aid the transport authority to improve public safety and security.

Key ECU staff

Professor Daryoush Habibi, Dr Ifekhar Ahmad.

Engagement Partners

WA Public Transport Authority.

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