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Selective Sunshade Glazing project

ECU is working on the development of Selective Sunshade Glazing (SSG) systems capable of simultaneous heat protection and harvesting of solar energy for use in glass window panels.

The project seeks to develop advanced material systems capable of harvesting the energy from the infrared part of solar spectrum whilst being integrated into the structure of transparent window glass panels, engineered to prevent infrared radiation passing through the structure. This will significantly reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling buildings, resulting in substantial energy savings.

Researchers are investigating the integration of several materials of different characteristics into a single materials system that has high transparency to visible light and is capable of converting infrared radiation into a form of light that can be captured by conventional solar cell panels integrated onto edges of the glass windows. This project will generate energy harvesting capabilities and create energy savings that benefit the green building and renewable energy industries.

Key ECU staff

Professor Kamal Alameh, Dr Mikhail Vasiliev.

Engagement Partners

Victor Rosenberg, Tropiglas.

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